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Who is GoPartner for?

You. No but seriously - if you’re here and you’re hungry to solve problems and overcome challenges - GoPartner is for you. We work with brave corporates who want to partner with startups, but also those who are exploring and those who are just looking for inspiration. We’re not an exclusive club either. We believe that whatever corporate you work for, and whatever problem you’re trying to solve, there’s a startup somewhere with the solution. Oh, and you get to meet them in 24 hours.

I don’t work in innovation, should I post a brief?

Yes. Yes. YES! Why let all the innovation team have all the fun? We’re on a mission to democratise innovation. Whatever your role, CTO, HR Manager, Marketing Executive, Accounts Director, junior, senior, GoPartner is your secret weapon to find more efficient, more effective and more innovative ways of working.

What kind of briefs can I send?

Well definitely not the underwear kind...briefs are simple, but sometimes hard to craft. So here’s some pointers: 


  • Make sure it’s a challenge, an opportunity or an area to do something better. 
  • It can be large-scale, like a business model transformation challenge (i.e. how can we take our product into a direct-to-consumer service model), 
  • Or a quick-fire plug-and-play solution that supercharges existing stuff in the business (i.e. how can we make employee onboarding better?)

Is the process confidential?

You bet. We won’t air your briefs for the world to see.  The team will also happily sign NDA’s if required to.

Who will see my brief?

Good question! Iron Man… well, not quite. The GoPartner team that will be working to scout the innovation solution for you and the startups who end up being hand selected by us.

What happens when I submit my brief?

The magic happens when you press that big GO button after you complete the brief form. You’ll get an email when we are ready to show you the big 10 ideas. Then if you like what you see, you can select the companies you’d like to shortlist to hear pitch and then, if you really like what you see, pick 1 to partner with! Don’t worry, we organise all of it for you.

Is there a commitment to work with the startups?

No - there is no legal commitment to work with them.

I have more questions, who can I talk to?

You can chat to the GoPartner team using the form below or
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