Share your challenge and get 10 startup solutions in 24 hours.

Whatever corporate you work for, and whatever problem you’re trying to solve, there’s a startup with the answer to partner with.

Share your challenge, get solutions.


It’s time to democratise innovation. Finding the right partners to transform your business doesn’t have to be complex.  GoPartner makes it simple for corporates and startups to connect, test and scale solutions, and bring the future forward. Share your brief, swipe your card and let's Go Partner!

Post your brief today and get 10 big ideas in 24 hours.

How it works

Go beyond your existing network and get your brief in front of thousands of startups. Invite the world to apply and begin a journey to select a startup to work with.

Share your challenge

Answer a few simple questions and share your challenge

Swipe your card

Then get notified in 24 hours.
Share a brief

Get 10 big ideas.

You will get a list of 10 innovative solutions on your specific challenge.
Share a brief

Meet 5, Pick 1.

Once you have your 10 big ideas, you can then pick 5 to meet for a pitch and review to pick 1 to partner with.
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1. What is GoPartner?

GoPartner is a global marketplace for corporate-startup collaboration. It’s a one-stop shop, where corporates post open innovation challenges and briefs for startups to apply to.

2. When will GoPartner be live?

We are live! GoPartner is currently accepting briefs from corporates and will open its doors to startups to apply on 15th June 2020.

3. Why should corporates post a brief?

Whatever corporate you work for, and whatever problem you’re trying to solve, there’s a startup somewhere with the solution. Posting your brief on GoPartner means your challenge is seen not just by startups already on your radar, but by thousands of the world’s most innovative entrepreneurs - all at the click of a button.

4. I don’t work in innovation, should I post a brief?

Absolutely! At GoPartner, we’re on a mission to democratise innovation. Whatever your role, from CTO to HR Manager, Marketing Executive to Accounts Director, GoPartner is a tool to help you find more efficient, more effective and more innovative ways of working. 

5. What kind of briefs can I post?

If you work in a corporate and have a challenge, an opportunity or are simply looking for a better way of doing something, GoPartner is where you’ll find the solution.  Briefs range from large-scale business model transformation challenges (e.g. how can we take our product into a direct-to-consumer service model), to quick-fire plug-and-play solutions that optimise existing operations.

6. How do I create my brief?

With GoPartner, it’s faster than ever to get your brief in front of the right people. It's a few simple questions about what you’re looking for, and then your brief will be visible to thousands of entrepreneurs to apply.

7. Who will see my brief?

GoPartner team will see the brief and use it to scout the innovative solution. Startups, scale-ups, SMEs and inventors from around the world will be able to see your challenge. It will become an open platform, so do remember not to include any confidential information in your brief.

8. What happens when I submit my brief?

As soon as you click GO!, the process begins and the scouts begin their work. You’ll get an email when we are ready to show you the big 10 ideas! If you like what you see, you can select the companies you’d like to shortlist (5) to hear them pitch and then pick 1 to partner with!

9. I’m not the budget-holder - should I still post briefs?

Yes, GoPartner is designed for everyone in the organisation to use.  When you post your brief, we ask you to specify if you’re just looking for ideas, have a dedicated budget or something in between. The process accommodates all objectives, we just want to help set expectations with startups before they apply.

10. Is there any commitment to work with startups who apply?

No, GoPartner is designed to connect corporates with startups who have solutions that match their briefs. Our aim is to help create partnerships that are mutually beneficial. If you’re posting a brief on GoPartner, all we ask is that you be open to exploring new solutions and respond to all applicants, but there is no legal commitment to working with the applicants.

11. I’m only looking for inspiration - should I still post a brief?

Yes! When you post your brief you will have the opportunity to select what stage you are at - Looking for Inspiration, ready to implement, or somewhere in between.

12. Do I have to pay to use GoPartner?

Yes, it's a small fee to upload the problem, choose the 5 and pick 1 to partner with.

13. I have more questions, who can I talk to? 

You can chat to the GoPartner team using the form below or



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